Who are we ?

Jacovi Consulting Sàrl was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to providing expertise in EMC and electronic circuit design for R&D.


Our goal is to prepare and help the companies we serve to significantly increase their chances of success when they have to officially homologate their products.


James Colli-Vignarelli is an electrical engineer from EPFL with a PhD in micro-systems and micro-electronics and specialized in radio-frequency techniques and microwave circuits; he also holds a degree in Mathematics from the University of Geneva. James co-founded a company that manufactures bracelets for the electronic monitoring of offenders, where several of his innovations were subsequently patented. He has an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technical fields and he welcomes every challenge as an opportunity to improve his knowledge and expertise. 

James Colli-VignarelliCEO and founder

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Our Approach

Working methodology

  • Proposals of prepared working packages, adapted to the needs and expectations of the businesses we serve
  • Work carried out in clients’ premises when required
  • Definition of specific needs in collaboration with clients
  • Definition of related constraints, by integrating all aspects of the problem
  • Iterative discussions with clients in close collaboration with their staff
  • Proof of concepts by simulations and experimentation 
Soft skills summary
  • Ability to integrate new or already existing teams easily
  • Ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas with simple examples and down-to-earth words, including technical matters
  • Aptitude for finding creative and original approaches to solving complex problems
  • Independent and original thinker, willing and able to learn and integrate new techniques rapidly and efficiently
  • Flexible and reliable
  • Knowledge of intellectual property and patents
  • Speaks French and English 
  • Open-source software programs
  • Proprietary softwares (only on request)
  • Extensive technical library (several hundred books) covering a wide range of technical subjects
  • Equipment for small PCB prototyping for validation of concepts 


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